The internet gave us unfettered access to information and unleashed opportunity that Alexander Graham Bell could never have imagined.

Blockchain is the second coming of the internet, eradicating any remaining barriers to transact and fully distributing power and control to the masses.

Blockchain technologies are radically changing the entire future of exchange, and we are sitting at the forefront of this revolution, proactively supporting the innovative minds who are changing the world.

Block26 focuses on forward-thinking teams that build upon this powerful infrastructure and develop applications that evolve blockchain and crypto currency technologies.



Blockchain is a digital ledger that resides on tens of thousands of servers around the world. This distributed method of tracking and transferring digital assets means that users can transact securely without the need (or cost) of third party verification.

Bitcoin is the most common use of blockchain technology, but innovators are continually finding new ways to apply it and bring it to the mainstream.


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